Young Interpreter Program

    Started in 1993, the Young Interpreter Program is a highly competitive apprenticeship program, in which young people work side-by-side with museum staff members to learn about America’s past, develop skills, and share their newfound knowledge with museum visitors.

    The Young Interpreter program is reserved for hard-working, self-motivated boys and girls who are between the ages of 13 and 14 as of May 1st. Boys and girls must be available for the summer.

    The program takes place at The Farmers’ Museum, a living history museum established in 1943 with the mission of presenting the objects and practices common to ordinary people of rural 19th century New York State. Young Interpreters will have the opportunity to work with the museum’s talented craftspeople in various selected sites including: Peleg Field’s Blacksmith Shop, Lippitt Farmhouse, Middlefield Printing Office, and Spinning and Weaving Shop.

    • Participant Ages: 13-14 (as of May 1, 2024)
    • Sites:Young Interpreters work with the museum’s talented craftspeople in selected sites including the Blacksmith Shop, Lippitt Farmhouse, Middlefield Printing Office, Westcott Shop, and others.
    • Dates: Young Interpreters are expected to work one day a week for a period of eight consecutive weeks starting the last week in June and ending the last week in August.

    • Please submit a one- to two-page essay (400-800 words) expressing your interest and detailing the reasons why you want to be a Young Interpreter.
    • Indicate which site you would like to work at and why.
    • Letters must include the date, applicant’s name, applicant’s age (including date of birth), address, parent or guardian’s home or cell phone number, and parent or guardian’s e-mail address.
    • E-mail your essay and information with the subject line “Young Interpreter Application” to You can also send a hand-written essay (like they did in the 19th century) and information to Young Interpreter Program, The Farmers’ Museum, P.O. Box 30, Cooperstown, NY 13326.
    • Letters of interest must be received by May 20, 2024. Candidates will be notified of acceptance by mid-June.
    • Letters of reference are not necessary.
    • Candidates will be asked for an interview.
    • Young people will be chosen based on their commitment, interest, maturity, willingness to learn, and ease with the public.
    • Applicants must have their parent or guardian’s permission and transportation to the museum.

    If you have questions, contact Patrick MacGregor at or (607) 547-1527.


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