Virtual Farm

Enjoy a wide selection of digital content that touches
on every aspect of The Farmers’ Museum.

Sponsored in part by The Clark Foundation, NYCM Insurance, Otsego County Government,
and Dr. Richard Sternberg.

February 2: Preschool Tuesday: One Horse Open Sleigh
January 19: Preschool Tuesday: Snow Much Fun
January 12: Preschool Tuesday: A New Year
December 15: Preschool Tuesday: Evergreens and Ornaments
December 1: Preschool Tuesday: Turning In
November 17: Preschool Tuesday: Thanksgiving Traditions
November 4: Preschool Tuesday: Seed Saving and Milking Cinnamon the Cow
October  27: Preschool Tuesday: Scary Fall Friends
October 20: Preschool Tuesday: Grains and Growth
October 6: Preschool Tuesday: Pumpkin and Fall Foods
September 29: Preschool Tuesday: Squirrels and Storage
September 22: Preschool Tuesday: Fall Harvest
September 15: Preschool Tuesday: Sheep Show
September 1: Preschool Tuesday: Let’s Get Busy!
August 25: Preschool Tuesday: Food Preservation
August 17: Preschool Tuesday: Farm Kids
August 4: Preschool Tuesday: Got Sense? Using Our 5 Senses
July 28: Preschool Tuesday: A Walk Around The Farmers’ Museum
July 21: Preschool Tuesday: The Farmer’s Market
July 16: Video: Middlefield Print Shop
July 14: Preschool Tuesday: Bugs, Butterflies, and Worms
July 13: Garden Crossword Puzzle
July 9: Virtual Exhibit: Oral History Project: Country Schools, Otsego County, NY
July 4: American Voices: An Open-Mic Night (3:00pm)
July 4: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence by Tom Heitz (1:00pm)
July 4: Video: Independence Day: A Parade Through Time (11:00am)
June 30: Hometown Pride: The Life of Marguerite Standish Cockett
June 30: Virtual Preschool Tuesday: Muddy Pigs
June 27: Video: Wet Plate Photography
June 25: Video: Bonnets
June 23: Virtual Preschool Tuesday: Farm Birds
June 22: Activity: Make a Cardiff Giant
June 16: Mini-Documentary: Peleg Field Blacksmith Shop
June 9: Virtual Preschool Tuesday
June 5: National Donut Day
May 30: Singing in the Cornwallville Church
May 28: Introduction to Quilling
May 26: Checking in with our Baby Lambs
May 24: Harvest of History Scavenger Hunt
April 1: Checking-In on Our Chicken Coop
April 2: Kid-Friendly, No-Knead Bread Recipe
April 3: How to Make a Checker Board From Home
April 4: The Farmers’ Museum Word Search Puzzle
April 7: Learn How to Play the Fiddle
April 9: Leeches in Dr. Thrall’s Pharmacy
April 11: Harlem Cake Recipe from Mrs. Bliss’s Practical Cook Book: Containing Upwards of One Thousand Receipts (Philadelphia, 1850)
April 14: Our Children’s Barn Bunny
April 16: Garden Seed Starting
April 18: Bean Recipe from The Cook’s Own Book and Housekeeper’s Register by “a Boston Housekeeper” (Mrs. N. K. M. Lee), originally published in the 1830s
April 21: Images from the 2019 Junior Livestock Show
April 23: DIY Weaving Project
April 27: Egg Hatching (Day 7)
April 29: Creepy Collection Item
May 2: Making Bandboxes
May 4: Hatching Chicks (Day 14)
May 5: Reading of a Blacksmithing Poem
May 6: Cultivating Character Mini-Documentary
May 8: 19th-Century Board Games to Make at Home
May 9: First Baby Chick to Hatch
May 12: Crossword Puzzle: Todd’s General Store
May 14: 19th-Century Medicine: Otsego County and the 1918 Flu Pandemic
May 16: Cheese Making in the Lippitt Farmhouse
May 19: Our Banjo-Playing Blacksmith
May 20: Tour of our Historic Village
May 22: Activity Guide: Making Time Capsules
May 22: Life Goes On at The Farm: A Message from our Museum President

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