Otsego Lake Past and Present


Otsego Lake is one of the most celebrated bodies of water in America immortalized in the novels of James Fenimore Cooper, praised by artists and writers, and loved by generations of visitors to the region. It has been called “the cradle of American literature” and even “the Walden Pond of New York State.”

This volume is the first comprehensive photographic documentation of Otsego Lake. It features the extraordinary color photographs of Richard S. Duncan and draws upon the historical photograph collections of the New York State Historical Association, housed in Fenimore Art Museum. This book takes the reader on a fascinating journey to each of the principal sites around the lake, and reveals the beauty, history, and mystery of one of America’s most picturesque landscapes.

Edited by: Paul S. D’Ambrosio

Foreword by: Jane Forbes Clark

Introduction by: Henry S. F. Cooper, Jr.

Photographs by: Richard S. Duncan and historical images from the photograph collections of the New York State Historical Association

Hardcover, 150 pages, 188 illustrations, including 127 in full color Pub. Date: First published in 2005 by The Farmers’ Museum”

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