Otsego County Its Towns and Treasures


Otsego County, a one thousand square mile area in central New York populated by some 60,000 people still retains much of what James Fenimore Cooper called in 1823, the “romantic and picturesque character which it so eminently possesses.”

Well preserved homes, from every style of the 19th century, still dot the landscape and line the streets of villages and hamlets. As in his previous books on the Village of Cooperstown and on Otsego Lake, Richard Duncan has combined his own beautiful photography of the present with the historical images from the village and town historians of Otsego County and the collections of the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, to capture the delicate balance between the past and present of the 24 towns in the county.

Edited by: Paul S. D’Ambrosio

Foreword by: Jane Forbes Clark

Introduction by: Hugh MacDougall

Hardcover 239 pages, 297 illustrations, including 200 in full color

Original Publication Date: First published in 2008 by The Farmers’ Museum

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