Todd’s General Store

Date: 1819

Origin: Toddsville, Otsego County, NY

Builder: Unknown

Original owner: Todd, Lemuel/Steere, Rufus/Shumway, Sands/Childs, Elias/Quackenbush, Granville J./Sheldon, Lyman/McMorris, David/Thompson, David

Info: Todd’s General Store once served the community of Toddsville. It is a vernacular Greek Revival structure. The storekeeper sold goods such as pottery, textiles, and candy to its customers. With the opening of the Erie Canal, goods produced elsewhere joined local products on the shelves of such shops. Today, Todd’s offers Museum visitors products typically found in mid 19th century general stores.

Provenance: The Farmers’ Museum acquired the building in 1944.
*Stephen Clark bought the building from David B. Thompson on February 20, 1942 for $1250.
*David B. Thompson bought the property from Earl A. Finch and Hortense Finch on September 21, 1929 for $1,200.
*Anna Finch bought the property from David and Francelia McMorris on July 11, 1916.
*David McMorris bought the property from Lyman Sheldon on April 3, 1913.
*Lyman Sheldon bought the property from Grandville Quakenbush on April 4 1904.
*Grandville J. Quakenbush bought he property from First National Bank of Cooperstown on October 26, 1899 for $200.
*First National Bank foreclosed on the property mortgage of Rufus Steere on January 8, 1877.
*Rufus Steele mortgages his property to First National Bank of Cooperstown on May 19, 1869.
*Rufus Steele purchased the property from March 26, 1859 for $200 this parcel of land is directly North of the store.
*Jehiel Todd bought the land from Richard Fenimore Cooper on March 12, 1806 for $6,320.

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