Middlefield Shop

Date: 1825

Origin: Middlefield, Otsego County, NY

Builder: Unknown

Original owner: Clarke, George (? – 1835)/ North, Benjamin

Info: Middlefield. Its symmetrical boxy appearance and front gable mark it as an example of vernacular Greek Revival architecture. It currently seves as The Crossroads Village’s Print Shop. Printers of the 1840s would have served the printing needs of its community through production of a local newspaper, advertisements and books.

Provenance: The Farmers’ Museum acquired the store from Harry and Pauline Hubbell in 1951.
*Harry and Pauline Hubbell purchase the property from Clifford Olmstead in 1945.
*Clifford Olmstead inherited the property from his father Howard Olmstead in 1944.
*Howard Olstead acquired the property from Susie Myers in 1936.
*Susie Myers acquired the property from Clifford and Lucy Forman in 1936.
*Clifford and Lucy Forman bought the property from Herschel Page in 1935.
*Herschel Page acquired the property Dora Mumford in 1928.
*Dora Mumford bought the property from Leon and Viola Smith in 1928.
*Leon and Viola Smith bought the property from Simon and Dora Mumford in 1923.
*Simon and Dora Mumford acquired the property from Alphonse and Augusta Bailey in 1905.
*Alphonse and Augusta Bailey bought the property from May Ferguson in 1904.
*Mary Ferguson acquired the property from Jim and Sarah Stevens in 1896.
*Jim and Sarah Stevens acquired the property from Harvey Bedell on February 17, 1888 (it is uncertain how or when Bedell acquired the property).
*Equitable Life Insurance bought the property from George Clarke (Jr.) in 1868.
*George Clarke (Jr.) bought the property from A. C. Parshall in 1868. (This is the earliest confirmed transaction involving this building.)

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