Lippitt Farm House

Date: 1797

Origin: Hinman Hollow, Hartwick, Otsego County, NY

Builder: Lippitt, Joseph

Original owner: Lippitt, Joseph, 1771-1862/ Lippitt, Joseph Jr., 1798-/ Hinds, George/ Hinds, John/ Lippitt, Moses H./ Sill, Jedadiah/ Root, Charles L/ Murdock, William/ Lippitt, Moses E.

Info: The Lippitt Farmhouse is a Saltbox style house. It was built for Joseph Lippitt in the Hinman Hollow section of Hartwick. Today, the Lippitt Farmstead includes the Brooks barn, the corn crib, the smokehouse, the Westmoreland driveshed and a hop house. These outbuildings are typical of the 1840s as are the heritage animals and crops produced on the Farmstead.

A large kitchen garden and a chicken coop located behind the house were tended by the women and children who lived on the farm. The kitchen fireplace and oven provided meals for the farm family and workers.

Provenance: The Farmers’ Museum acquired the house on August 28, 1951.
*Moses E. Lippitt owned the house from 1947 to August 28, 1951.
*Annie and John Cook owned the property from January 5, 1918 until 1947.
*Charles L. Root owned the property from March 21, 1889 until his heirs sold it to Mr. Cook on January 5, 1918.
*Jedadiah P. Sill owned the property from July 7, 1888 until his heirs sold it to Charles L. Root on March 21, 1889.
*Moses H. Lippitt owned the property from 1883 until July 7, 1888.
*George and Cynthia Hinds owned the property from December 9, 1863 until 1883.
*Joseph Lippitt Jr. owned the property after 1855 until December 9, 1863.
*Joseph Lippitt owned the property from October 1807 until after 1855.

Other Structures

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