Herkimer Kitchen and Woodshed

Date: 1815

Origin: Schuyler Lake, Otsego County, NY

Builder: Unknown

Original owner: Herkimer, Hendrick (1730-1799)

Info: The Herkimer Summer Kitchen and Woodshed was attached on its original west end to the main Herkimer family home. Separate kitchens and woodsheds of this type were built in the Mohawk Valley during the nineteenth century, reflecting the influence of German settlers in central New York.

Provenance: The Farmers’ Museum acquired the building from John & Yvette Seamon, Schuyler Lake, NY in 1999.
*John M. and Yvette Seamon bought the property from John’s parents Harry and Mary Seamon in 1979.
*Harry and Mary Seamon bought the property from the executors of Blanche T. Miller’s will George Taylor and Will Truex on September 30, 1968.
*Ella Blanche Miller (Blanche T. Miller) bought the property from Floyd E. Pickens on May 22, 1945.
*Floyd Pickens buys the property from R.J. Smith (Treasurer of County of Otsego) on September 19, 1934.
*Ella C. Hinds and Floy E. Pickens bought the property from the executor of Alsameda Herkimer’s will Erastas A. Taylor on February 8, 1915.
*The property was transferred to Alsameda Herkimer and her husband Edwin H. Webster.
*Mary Herkimer and her husband lived in the house before Alsameda Herkimer received the property.
*Arthur B. Lidell bought the property from the executor of Jonas A. Lidell’s will, Burton W. Lidell on December 27, 1894.
*Jonas A. Lidell was married to Delia Herkimer the daughter of Henry and Catherine Herkimer and the granddaughter of Hendrick. Delia Herkimer Lidell died October 27, 1891. Henry Herkimer died in 1813 and Catherine in 1854.

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