Cornwallville Church

Date: 1795

Origin: Cornwallville, Greene County, NY

Builder: Unknown

Original owner:

Info: This church first served a congregation in East Durham. It was then moved to serve the Cornwallville Methodist Episcopal congregation of Cornwallville, Greene County. At one end of the village green, it continues to host community events such as weddings and concerts.

Provenance: Susquehanna Methodist Church, Town of Durham, Greene County, NY sold the church building, pews, pulpit, 2 altar chairs and a storage cabinet to The Farmers’ Museum Inc.
*Elkanah and Polly Perival of Cornwallville, Green County, NY sold the property (1 acre) to the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church who planned to erect and build a house or church on the premises for $1,000 cash.

Other Structures

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