The Pioneer Society

Help The Farmers’ Museum grow!

The Pioneer Society

Pioneer Society members make a difference at our treasured museum with annual contributions of $1,000 and above. The heritage plants we cultivate, our hardworking animals, and the schoolchildren we teach all benefit from your generosity.

As a Pioneer Society member, you’ll enjoy special access and privileges.  Treat the museum as your own with free admission for yourself and accompanied guests for one year.  Get the best parking spots for Harvest Festival and Candlelight Evening.   Enjoy unique events throughout the year, including a very special preview of Candlelight Evening.

For more information, please contact Lynette Moore at (607) 547-1416 or email.  Thank you for being a great friend to our treasured museum.

Join The Pioneer Society via our online store.

Contributions are fully tax-deductible.

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