Performing Arts

Weekend Performances on the Tavern Green
Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00 and 2:00pm

Box & Cox, featuring: Mackinaw Shutt, Rob Shutt, and Judy Greenberg. Join us on the Tavern Green for this renowned British farce, first performed in 1847! Mrs. Bouncer, a brazenly clever landlady, has set up a scheme to rent the same room to both Mr. Box and Mr. Cox, as they have opposite schedules! But just how long can she keep it up before something goes terribly wrong?

A Case for Eviction, featuring: Diane Stammel, Charlie Reiman, and Linda Reese. Join us on the Tavern Green for a performance of this rare comedic gem, first performed in 1885. Frank and Dora are a newlywed couple who are tormented by an unwelcome houseguest… Major O’Golly. As their increasingly desperate attempts to kick him out continue to fail, they begin to ask… What if the major NEVER leaves?


Sat. July 24 – Box & Cox
Sun. July 25 – Box & Cox
Sat. July 31- A Case for Eviction
Sun. August 1 – Box & Cox
Sat. August 7 – Box & Cox
Sun. August 8 – Box & Cox
Sat. August 14 – A Case for Eviction
Sun. August 15 – Box & Cox
Sat. August 21- A Case for Eviction
Sun. August 22 – Box & Cox
Sat. August 28- A Case for Eviction
Sun. August 29 – Box & Cox


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