New York Gives Day/Giving Tuesday
Help build Zeb a shelter!
Tuesday, November 28

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Build Zeb a shelter!

As many of you know, Zeb has been a beloved member of The Farmers' Museum family for nearly 20 years. Zeb is a 23-year old Percheron draft horse that came to the museum from Vermont in the late 1990s. Since then, Zeb has delighted thousands of museum visitors. He worked hard for many years giving wagon rides and helping us to cultivate our fields and crops.

In 2015, Zeb began his well-deserved retirement and is currently enjoying his golden years at the Farm. He spends his days relaxing in his field, while delighting in his favorite pastime - receiving greetings and affection from our museum visitors. He is a particular fan of all the wonderful petting he receives from our youngest friends.

While Zeb already has a comfortable stall in one of our barns and enjoys his time in his open field, we are currently raising funds to build him an additional structure in the field so that he can enjoy an extra bit of shade or shelter from the wind and rain while he's out and about.

Please make a donation today to help us raise the funds for Zeb's new shelter!


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