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Harvey Ward Wooden Scoop Shovel

These beautifully handcrafted scoop shovels were created by “The Last Scoop Maker,” Harvey Ward. Harvey was the last person in his family to make wooden shovels for a living.  Each shovel, which was made with an ax and then carved out completely by hand, took him about 51 minutes to make from start to finish. Using only a double-head ax and a few simple tools, such as a paring knife and wood file, the intricacy and smooth finish on each shovel is incredible.  Every scoop has his family’s signature “D” shaped handle which helps provide for a larger scoop load without straining your back. His shovels are perfect for gunpowder and grain; they help prevent fires with the gunpowder and contamination with the grain. Harvey Ward made his very last scoop in 1982, making this one of the last remaining new scoops he made before his death.

Each shovel comes complete with a certificate of authenticity and a booklet by the Madison County Historical Society about Harvey that describes his step-by-step process for making each scoop. 

Dimensions are approximately 34" tall by 10 1/2 inches wide

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