Doctor's Office

Date: 1820

Origin: Westford, Otsego County, NY

Builder: Drake, John, M.D.

Original owner: Sloan, Dr. George A./Drake, Dr. John/Jackson, Dr. Elan W./Jackson, Dr. John

Info: The Doctor's Office is a two-room wood-framed Greek Revival building. It served as office space for 4 different doctors from the 1820s until 1912. The first two doctors to use the building were the brothers Dr. John Jackson and Dr. Elhanan W. Jackson. Dr. John Drake gained sole use of the building and relocated it around 1856. Dr. Drake died in 1877 and left the building to Dr. George A. Sloan.

The doctors that used this office would have practiced mainly outside of the office, visiting patients wherever medical care was needed. Therefore the office was used primarily for preparing drugs, record keeping, storing medical equipment and occasionally treating patients.

Provenance: The Farmers' Museum acquired the building from Mr. and Mrs. F. Grant Tyler, Westford, NY in 1950.
*F. Grant Tyler bought the property from C. J. Snyder, Thomas H. Haggerty and Ira D. Tiffle as Trustees of Westford Ten 808 Knights of the Maccabees of the World on March 22, 1910 for Consideration of $300 and a mortgage payment of $1000.
*Trustees of Westford Ten 808 Knights of the Maccabees of the World bought the property from Waldo H. and Ella Marr Tyler on February 27, 1905 for Consideration of $1.
*Waldo H. Tyler bought the property from Sarah E. Bidlake on July 1, 1881 for $1050.
*Sarah E. Bidlake bought the property from H. B. and Jane Gilbert on January 15, 1878 for $2500.
*Horace Gilbert bought the property from Daniel S. Bidlake on December 30, 1875 for $2500.
(the office was most likely moved around this time)
*Daniel Bidlake bought the property from James F. and Calphurina French on March 25, 1852 for $700.
*Calphurina French bought the property from Elisha R. Treat on April 2, 1849 for $200.
*** original site ownership ****
*Melvin J. Esmay bought the property from John K. and Franc D. Tyler on January 14, 1888 for $1500.
*John K. Tyler bought the property from Erasmus and Julia U. Snyder on April 1, 1869 for $2200.
*Erasmus Snyder bought the property from Chauncey and Mary Hubbard on March 10, 1865 for $1250.
*Chauncey Hubbard bought the property from Harvey and Olive Birge on March 31, 1864 for $1250.
*Harvey Birge bought the property from R. R. and Gratia Jackson on June 19, 1861 for $1000.
*Robert R. Jackson and Gertrude Jackson bought water rights from Anna and John Gilliand on April 2, 1855.
*Dr. John Jackson willed his property to his wife Gertrude. His son, Robert R. Jackson showed up on the April 1855 deed as an owner, although there does not seem to be a deed showing the transfer of ownership to him.
*Dr. John Jackson bought several pieces of property between 1811 and 1816.
*John Jackson bought property from Lewis E. and Lydia Washburn on July 5, 1816 for $1000.
*Dr. John Jackson bought property from Jehn and Jemime Earl on February 27, 1813 for $325.
*John Jackson bought property from Peter Dumont on May 1, 1811 for $1384.25.

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