Jonas More House

Date: 1818

Origin: Roxbury, Delaware County, NY

Builder: Edmond Kelly

Original owner: More, Jonas (March 22, 1778 - March 5, 1852)

Info: Jonas More, the son of the first white settler of Roxbury, built this Federal style house in Hubbell's Corner. It stood in Roxbury until 1989, when it was purchased and dismantled by Christopher Ohrstrom. The More house is an excellent example of vernacular Georgian architectural at the height of its popularity. In the Village, the More House exhibits the process of restoration and will eventually present the lifestyle of a prosperous family in a small upstate New York community.

Provenance: The Farmers' Museum acquired the building from Christopher Ohrstrom, Hartwick, NY in 1996.
*The house was dismantled and moved into storage by Christopher Ohrstrom in 1989.
*The property the More Farm stood on was subdivided and sold to various people.
*Earl and Katherine Wright bought the property from William and Evelyn Tyler in 1958. (William is David Tyler's son.)
*Daniel Tyler inherited the property in his father Irvin Tyler's will in 1911.
*Irvin Tyler purchased the property from Otis More Preston in 1875.
*Otis More Preston (son of Betsey More and Liberty Preston) bought the property from his aunt and uncle Edward and Mary More Burhans in 1854.
*Edward and Mary More Burhans inherited portions of the property from Jonas More upon his death. On April 23, 1853 they purchased the other shares for $12,000, from Mary's relatives: John P. More, Solomon More, Jonas More Jr., Jane Decker, Henry M. More and his wife Christina, Otis M. Preston and his wife Susan, Jonas More Preston, and Hiram and Abigail More.
*Jonas More's heirs listed above owned the property from his death in 1852 until April 12, 1853.
*Jonas More owned the 400 acres when he built the house in 1818.

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