Sweet-Marble Barn

Date: 1803

Origin: Mount Vision, Otsego County, NY

Builder: Sweet, Benjamin

Original owner: Sweet, Benjamin (?-1813)/ Sweet, Philip/ Marble, Dale. R/

Info: This English-style threshing barn has a timber frame construction and three bays. It has a center threshing floor and two side bays, one for the storage of grain and one for the shelter of animals in six stalls.

Provenance: The Farmers' Museum acquired the barn from Dale Marble, Mt. Vision, NY; by donation, December 31, 1997.
*Dale Marble acquired barn lot from Sherman Marble in March 1997.
*Sherman D. Marble was conveyed barn lot from sister Thelma M. Marble upon her death in 1979.
*Thelma M. Marble and David E. and Clella Marble acquired joint tenancy of barn lot from William C. Marble in 1929.
*William C. Marble bought the barn lot from Sophronia White Gardner in 1918.
*Sophronia White Gardner bought barn lot (with other properties) from the heirs of Brice Shove (Eliza Shove, Henry Wilbur, Anna Wilbur and Evaline Wilbur) in 1891.
*Eliza Shove et al. were willed the property owned by Brice Shove in 1888.
*Brice Shove bought the barn lot as well as other lots from Solomon Squires.
*Solomon Squires bought the barn lot and other property from James, Fanny and Waty Sweet in 1852.
*James Sweet owned the barn lot in the 1850 census, possibly acquired from his father, Philip Sweet.
*Philip Sweet might have acquired the barn lot from the estate of his brother Benjamin Sweet.
*Benjamin Sweet bought the barn lot and other properties from Eber Sherman in 1802 for $3,781.

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