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Main Barn

3:30 pm: Main Street Baptist Church Singing Group
4:00 pm: Syncopation Singing Group
4:30 pm: Ah Coopella Singing Group
5:00 pm: Laurens Central School Flute Quartet
5:30 pm: The cast of A Christmas Carol
3:00–6:30 pm: Horse-drawn wagon rides (last ride at 6:45 p.m.)

Empire State Carousel

All evening! Free rides Sponsored by Matt Sohns & Family

Filer’s Corners Schoolhouse

All evening! Holiday stories with the School Marm
Morey Barn
5:00, 5:20, 5:40, 6:00 pm: “A Living Nativity.” Limited seating.

Cornwallville Church

3:30–4:00 pm: Holiday music on the Pipe Organ with Caleb Vanderwerker
4:00–6:45 pm: Caroling with Ron Johnson

Bump Tavern Balcony

3:30 pm: Faith Baptist Church
4:00 pm: Cherry Valley–Springfield Central School Band
5:30 pm: Gail Buhl
5:00, 6:00: Cooperstown Central School Band

Tavern Green Bonfire

(bonfire starts at dusk)
All evening! Enjoy wassail made with local cider. Courtesy of Dyn’s Cider Mill.

The More House

4:15-4:45 pm: Faith Baptist Church
4:45-5:00 pm: St. Nick reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas”
5:10-6:25 pm: St. Nick reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas”
5:35-5:50 pm: St. Nick reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

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