Grade Level: pre-K to 2nd
Duration: 2 hours

Donald Hall’s book, "Ox-Cart Man," comes to life for young visitors as they partake in hands-on activities and explore Lippitt Farmstead and the 19th century historic village. 

Download the Ox-Cart Man Educator's Guide! Our guide details the tour experience, and also provides valuable pre-and post-visit lesson plan ideas and worksheets to help tie your visit even more closely into your classroom curriculum.

Common Core State Standards
English Language Arts Standards

• Reading Standards for Literature (RL)
--- Key Ideas and Details
--- Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
• Speaking and Listening Standards (SL)
--- Comprehension and Collaboration
--- Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas
• Language Standards (L)
--- Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
• Mathematics Standards
--- Geometry (K.G)
--- Measurement Data (1.MD, 2.MD)

New York State Learning Standards

English Language Arts Standard 1, 4
Social Studies Standard 1
Economics Standard 4