Fiber Arts Weekend
Saturday and Sunday, September 28 and 29 • 10:00 am–5:00 pm

Do you know your fibers? Whether from animal or vegetal origin, fibers and textiles have been an important part of our lives since the dawn of history. Processed into yarns and threads, dyed, woven, they have always had a utilitarian purpose, as well as social importance. Fabulous Fiber Arts weekend at The Farmers’ Museum will explore the world of natural fibers through a variety of demonstrations, mini-exhibits, hands-on activities, showing how they are harvested, processed, and transformed into wearable, utilitarian and decorative items. Come see museum interpreters and local quilting and spinning clubs and guilds demonstrate how flax becomes linen, wool and cotton is spun on various spinning wheels, and produces textiles on looms or through needle arts. You will never think of your clothes in the same way again!


- Hands-on activities:
o Carding Wool
o Spinning Wool on drop spindle
o Weaving
o Felting—Making a Felt Ball
o Quilting

- Demonstrations:

o Rope Making
o Flax to Linen
o Felting
o Warping a loom
o Yarn Dying
o Knitting and Crocheting
o Spinning on the Great Wheel at Lippitt


Fabulous Fiber Arts is included with regular paid admission. $12 adults (13-64), $10.50 seniors (65+), $6 juniors (7-12), children 6 and younger and members are free.