Jonas More House, 1818. Gift of Christopher Ohrstrom. Collection of The Farmers' Museum.

The 19th-century Historic Village is comprised of buildings gathered from rural communities around New York state and painstakingly relocated and restored, piece by piece. Each building provides an intimate view of commercial and domestic practices common to rural life in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Dimmick House
Smith Morey Barn
Westcott Shop
Smith Morey Driveshed
Herkimer Kitchen and Woodshed
Sweet-Marble Barn
Jonas More House
Doctor's Office
Middlefield Shop
Bump Tavern
Lippitt Farm House
Todd's General Store
Blacksmith Shop
Filer's Corners School
Samuel Nelson Law Office
Brooks Barn
Farm Unit Shed
Williams Carriage Shed
Cornwallville Church