Milk Tester, invented by Stephen M. Babcock, 1890. Gift of Ivan and Marilynn Karp. Collection of The Farmers' Museum.
Broadcast Seeder, Patented 1901. Gift of Earl and Phyllis Y. Van Alstine. Collection of The Farmers' Museum.

The Farmers' Museum's founders set out to preserve the tools, technology and history of agriculture in upstate New York at a time when many farms were vanishing and the survivors were modernizing their farming methods. The strength of the collection lies in its documentation of changing agricultural technology through the 19th century.  The collections run the gamut from an early Dutch-style plow of the 18th century to a Ford tractor of the mid-20th century, from home-made hayrakes to a milkfat tester, the invention of Bridgewater native Stephen Babcock, which revolutionized the dairy industry in the late-19th century.