Workshop: Broom Making

How does a broom become a broom? Learn this and more as you transform a wooden handle, broom corn straw, and wind into a beautiful and functional handmade broom. Take […]

Workshop: Printing (SOLD OUT)

SOLD OUT In the modern era, we think little to nothing of typing text, adding graphics, and pressing “print” from our devices. This workshop will explore how printing technology evolved […]

Workshop: Square Foot Gardening

Learn the techniques involved in this gardening method that is fun for the entire family! Find out how to set up your grid own customizable grid, creating your soil mix, […]

Workshop: Intermediate Blacksmithing (SOLD OUT)

SOLD OUT Forging a 19th-Century-Style Spatula. During this workshop, students will have a chance to forge their own spatula in the historic Field Blacksmith Shop. Students taking the intermediate class […]

Workshop: Blacksmithing for Beginners

This is an introductory class geared toward people who are interested in beginning to learn about the art of blacksmithing. Participants will learn how to build and maintain a fire […]

Workshop: Backyard Weeds Expanded

This program explores the many uses of plants that most of us refer to as weeds. Burdock, dandelion, sumac, and plantain are just a few of the plants that will […]

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