AUDITIONS ARE OPEN for this year’s lineup of Templeton Players Productions!


We’re excited to announce that auditions for this year’s lineup of Templeton Players Productions will take place in person on Saturday, May 6 (2-5PM) and via video submission!

This year, the program continues to evolve, with one returning favorite, and hilarious new addition: the return of the musical version of Box and Cox with a score by Arthur Sullivan, and a recently unearthed farce from the 19th century, our first period work written by a known female playwright!

This is also a paid acting opportunity! Each actor will receive $75 per performance day as part of the Templeton Players Troupe!

Curious about what the program is like, or what’s going to be different this year? Read on!

What are The Templeton Players?

The Templeton Players are The Farmers’ Museum’s resident theatre troupe. For several months each summer (July to early-September) we have separate casts in rep, performing rotating two period productions on our bucolic open-air Leatherstocking Stage. Rehearsals will take place in May and June, with performances primarily in July/August. Casts perform exclusively on Saturdays or Sundays, and typically, actors are assigned one performance day every week (though we remain flexible to accommodate schedules), which features two performances on the stage in our Country Village’s Tavern Green.

How do I sign up for an audition?

▪ If you would like to sign up for an audition slot, please click on the link below and write your name next to whichever date and time you prefer. Without singing up on this form, we will not be able to guarantee you a slot. If you are unable to open the shared document at this link, please let me know in an email reply, and I will get you signed up for any available slot of your choosing!
Sign up here

▪ If you have a short piece prepared (approximately 2 minutes or less), and would like to perform it at your audition, you are absolutely encouraged to do so! If you do not, don’t worry, we will have a selection of sides (attached) for you to read/sing from each play. An accompanist will be present to play for you should you be interested singing a selection from Cox and Box.

▪ If you want to familiarize yourself with the scripts, you’ll find drafts of both attached!
▪ If you can’t attend auditions in person, audition videos can be sent to

That’s it! If you have any questions about the process, please let me know! Can’t wait to get going, everyone!

– Mike Tamburrino, Manager of Performing Arts Programs at Fenimore Art Museum


Announcing our 2023 Templeton Players Productions!

Cox & Box: A Musical Comedy
◦ Based on the play by John Maddison Morton, adaptation by F.C. Burnand, music by Arthur Sullivan
◦ Directed by Mike Tamburrino
◦ Music direction by Kerri Hogle
◦ Casting Breakdown: 3 male-identifying characters, but gender-blind casting will be a consideration as long as you can sing the role.
◦ Vocal Types:
— Cox – Baritone (Musical side pg. 42-44 in score)
— Box – Tenor (Musical side pg. 37-39 in score)
— Sgt. Bouncer – Bass (Musical side pg. 11-14 in score)
◦ Synopsis:
— Conniving landlord Sgt. Bouncer, after realizing that his two tenants (Mr. Box and Mr. Cox) have opposing schedules, desperately tries to maintain a scheme where the two men share the exact same apartment. However, it only takes one oversight before his plan begins to crumble.
◦ Script:
See script here (though the shortened version attached is not final! Vocal score and sides also attached!)
Practice Recordings
Score available here

A Good Night’s Rest: A Farce
◦ By Catherine Gore
◦ Directed by Mike Tamburrino
◦ Casting Breakdown: We’d like to cast the show with a non-male cast, even if they are playing the characters as written. This is intended to be a nod to Catherine Gore, celebrating her unique perspective as being a female comic playwright in the mid 1800’s (which was challenging to say the least, not to mention rare!).
◦ Roles:
—Snobbington – Fussy, particular, lives up to his name.
—The Stranger – Brash, intense, a bull in a China shop.
◦ Synopsis:
—Snobbington has had a long day and is desperately trying to get some sleep. After hearing a ruckus outside, he leans out his window to find one of his neighbors loudly trying to get into his own house, apparently locked out. After a testy exchange, and still finding himself in desperate need of sleep, Snobbington decides to invite the man inside his own apartment if only he will only quiet down.
◦ Script:
See script here (though this version is not final! Some edits might be made.)
◦ Sides:
See sides here

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