There are few museums that can claim to have the level of broad community support and engagement that The Farmers’ Museum sees every year, particularly at our signature Special Events. The 2018 season was no exception, as we hosted thousands of people from the surrounding countryside at Sugaring Off, Harvest Festival, Tractor Fest, and Candlelight Evening.

At the same time, we worked to revamp the daily experience for our visitors through such innovative programming as our theatrical troupe, the Templeton Players, who performed historical plays for visitors on the weekends. Other offerings included new special tours focused on hops and craft brewing and other topics of historical interest. Our new Preschool Tuesday program has perhaps been the most exciting development of the year and proved to be a very popular weekly program for families with small children. The Farmers’ Museum proved to be the perfect place for such a program, as it brought children much-needed opportunities for creative play outdoors, and exposure to farming and agriculture that is lacking in today’s hyper-connected and increasingly electronic world.

The Museum also offered new exhibitions that gave visitors new perspectives of rural life in the nineteenth century. These included Barns: Cathedrals of the Countryside, an exhibition derived from a book written by Cooperstown Graduate Program faculty member Cynthia Falk, and an exhibition of early medical instruments illustrating the life of a country doctor, curated by Collections Fellow Trish Norman.

Our collections continue to grow in numbers and relevance, especially the Plowline Collection of the photography of rural New York. This collection, generously supported by the Gipson Family, now numbers nearly 16,000 images and is considered one of the most important of its kind.

Many more programs and activities took place in 2018 than can be recounted here. As always, the Museum’s activities and audiences show that we are a vital resource to the region and a unique space where one can have rare access to ways of life beyond our everyday experience. Many thanks to our Board of Directors, all of our donors, supporters, and visitors – and to the hard-working corps of staff and volunteers who serve them – for making The Farmers’ Museum a magical place and a meaningful and fun destination for everyone.



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Jane Forbes Clark, Chairman
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Dr. Paul S. D’Ambrosio, President and CEO
Joseph Siracusa, Vice President for Operations
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John Ferguson, Director of Education