Garden Hacks

In 2017, we launched a new Garden Hacks program led by our Master Pharmacist and Gardener, Patrick MacGregor, who presented tips to the public on how to plan, plant, maintain, and harvest an organic garden, highlighting the value of smart food choices and a healthy environment.  Stationed centrally in the Main Barn, Patrick placed special emphasis on the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables for growing young bodies, and the benefits of utilizing natural fertilizers and pesticides as opposed to harmful chemicals.  He also distributed packets of heirloom seeds to participants so that they might start or enhance their own gardens.

The Garden Hacks program at The Farmers’ Museum was designed and intended to raise museum visitors’ awareness of where food comes from and how it is grown, as well as the value of making healthy food choices.  In addition to educating the community, this program also promoted the physical and mental benefits of spending time in nature, encouraging a sense of well-being by having a healthy connection with the earth.

By learning to grow just a small portion of one’s diet, a participant would develop a greater appreciation for the importance of farming, farmers and local farmers’ markets, resulting in an increased sense of community involvement and cohesiveness.  Additionally, by growing things in the earth, one would recognize the significance of having a clean and healthy environment for the safe production of food, and how doing so would improve the health of the entire community.

Based on the success of the pilot program run during special events in 2017, we look forward to making Garden Hacks a weekly feature of our museum programming in 2018!



Family Tour

Inspired by the great success of our School Program Farmer Boy Tour, The Farmers’ Museum launched a new variation for the public dubbed the Family Tour in June of 2017. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and 295 people participated over the ensuing three months.  Following the pilot season, the Family Tour continues to be a huge crowd pleaser on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The tour itself is action-packed and immersive, teaching visitors all about 19th-century life on the farm, at school, and in a small village in one hour and fifteen minutes. Youths and their families have opportunities to explore our historic buildings, play games, and visit animals on the farmstead in a quest to run errands and do the daily chores. The tour culminates in a ride on the Empire State Carousel, which heralds important figures, events and folklore in New York State.

The Farmers’ Museum is striving to be interactive, engaging and wonderfully memorable. Tactile, multisensory experiences in a living history museum setting offer an exciting alternative to traditional education. Learning can be an adventure and the Family Tour makes the past feel very immediate and relatable – suddenly, history is everywhere you turn and the families of yesterday feel more familiar today.


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