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June 2014

An active family story hour that’s perfect for children in pre-school through first grade will be offered Tuesdays at The Farmers’ Museum. Story Time begins June 24 at 10:30 am.

On ten Tuesdays this summer, children accompanied by a grown-up hear a story read aloud. Then they play a game, sing a song, or make a craft in one of the museum’s historic buildings.  Each week features a new story and fun activities related to the story.

June 24—Mortimer’s First Garden by Karma Wilson; illustrated by Dan Andreasen (2009). Children plant sunflower seeds in small peat pots they can take home.

July 1—The Cow in Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitch­en by Diana Prichard; illustrated by Heather Devlin Knopf (2013). Children search sugar maple trees for tap holes and learn how maple products are made from sap.

July 8—Stanley Goes for a Drive by Craig Fra­zier (2004). Children visit the farm and look for the black horse and spotted cow in the book. They see how clouds are made.

July 15—One Sunday Morning by Yumi Heo (1999). Children visit the Empire State Carousel and go for a ride. Then they make their own carousel animal from clay.

July 22—The Cheese by Margie Palatini; il­lustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher (2007). The children play the parts in the book: the cheese, the rat, the cat, the dog, the child, the farmer’s wife, and the farmer. Then they make cheese curds.

July 29—The Folks in the Valley by Jim Ayles­worth; illustrated by Stefano Vitale (1992). Children vis­it the blacksmith shop and explore I for iron, or the Morey Barn and explore R for rope. Then they make some rope to take home.

August 5—Mooshka: A Quilt Story by Julie Paschkis (1996). Children visit Bump Tavern and talk with the interpreter about staying there. They imag­ine what stories the fabric they see there is tell­ing them.

August 12—A Farmer Boy Birthday, adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder Farmer Boy (1933); illustrated by Jody Wheeler (1998). Children visit the farm and see what Red and Rusty do when the farmer says “gee,” “haw,” and “whoa.” Then they try fol­lowing the commands themselves to see if they turn the right way.

August 19—Why So Sad, Brown Rabbit? by Sheridan Cain; illustrated by Jo Kelly (1997). Children pick an animal puppet and make the sounds of that animal. They visit the Children’s Barnyard and meet the rabbits.

August 26—Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith, il­lustrated by Katz Cowley (2010). Children visit the donkeys in the Children’s Barnyard.

Story Time is included with museum admission, which is free for members of the New York State Historical Association and people under age 7.  Story Time is sponsored by Matt Sohns and family. 

The Farmers’ Museum is located at 5775 State Route 80, Cooperstown, NY 13439. For more information, visit and visit the Programs for Kids page.

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