Celebrate Autumn with us!

Our month-long event, Celebration of Autumn, takes the place of Harvest Festival this fall (returning in 2022). The event incorporates many of the cherished elements of Harvest Festival and spreads it out over four-weeks, September 18-October 11 (No vendors will be on-site). In the Main Barn, you’ll see our exhibition BREW: New York’s Craft Beer Revival.

Harvest of History

On Harvest of History you will find a wealth of resources for the classroom and also for your own personal edification. We offer numerous programs for school field trips, resources for the classroom, and programming for those that are looking to grow in their personal knowledge or the knowledge of their profession.


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With your support, we are able to share great things with our community!


Get more information on upcoming events!

Shop in our Museum Store

The museum store is located in the Herders Cottage. It features merchandise based on the history and culture of New York State and rural America. Handcrafted items produced by our highly skilled staff and local artisans are featured. A section containing toys, games, books and crafts will please children of all ages! (Reopening April 1, Tuesday–Sunday, 11am–4pm)

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