About Americana Academy
The Farmers' Museum has long held a mastery of folk art traditions and fine craftsmanship among living history museums in the United States. Finally, we have hands-on educational opportunities to match: Introducing the Americana Academy! With a vast array of workshops for every level of experience, the Americana Academy allows people to develop real trade and craft skills from silversmithing to soapmaking and everything in-between. Taught by expert interpreters with years of experience under their tool belts, students will come away from our classes with exciting new knowledge and ability. Be a pioneer in your own life and discover what you're capable of creating!

To register or for more information, please call 888-547-1450, ext. 461.


Name of Workshop Dates
Workshop: Square Foot Gardening August 12, 2017
Workshop: Balms & Salves September 23, 2017
Workshop: Fragrant Waters and Essences November 4, 2017