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Handmade Garden Projects

You can transform your garden into a handmade, personality-infused oasis. Author Lorene Edwards Forkner—part eco-friendly non-traditionalist, part crafty creative with more ideas than money—will show you how.

Projects run the gamut from striking structures, like a pergola made from plumbing pipes, to imaginative details, like a tree-hung chandelier for nighttime ambiance. You’ll also find helpful plant guides to accompany projects: delectable herbs to fill a stacking container tower, stellar succulents for a vertical gutter garden, glorious flowering vines to climb a bamboo obelisk, and so much more. Ready to get started? All you need are refreshingly simple materials—hardware store basics, salvaged goods, repurposed castoffs from cluttered basements—along with a little do-it-yourself spirit.

With clear instructions and inspiring variations on every theme, this book is easy to follow and easy to love. Your journey to a made-from-scratch outdoor space starts here.

223 pages

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