Lecture: "Farming Success in an Uncertain Climate”
Wednesday, September 28 at 7:00 PM in the Louis C. Jones Center
Free and open to the public

Research Support Specialist, Jonathan Comstock, presents a lecture on recent historical weather and weather pattern changes affecting agriculture in the northeast, followed with climate projections for the region. The talk will provide an extensive exploration of what farmers are doing about new challenges and the ongoing collaborative research with farmers to develop new decision tools for farming in an uncertain climate. Attendees will also hear a discussion of energy efficiency on the farm, opportunities for use of renewables, and sequestering carbon in soils (i.e., reducing the carbon footprint of farming or “mitigation”).

Jonathan Comstock will stand in for Dr. David Wolfe at tonight’s lecture on climate change. Mr. Comstock is a mid-career scientist who has been working with Dr. Wolfe for many years, including co-authoring both the Agriculture and the Ecosystems chapters of the 2011 New York ClimaAID report. The lecture takes place tonight at 7:00PM and is free and open to the public.