The Main Barn serves as the museum's exhibition center. This year, the museum is proud to present Grow: An Exhibit to Get You Gardening and A Life on the Land: Photographs from the Plowline Collection.

Beyond the ticket kiosk, visit the Cardiff Giant, America's greatest hoax. The Louis C. Jones Center provides a large space for small concerts, meetings, and parties. For those interested in antique tools and farm equipment, the second-floor exhibits offer a wide variety of unique, 19th-century craft and farm tools. 

An Exhibit to Get You Gardening

Gardening is healthy, easy to do, and offers great nutritional, physical, and mental benefits. Whether in your backyard, in containers on your deck, or in a community garden, you can learn how to cultivate fresh vegetables. Are you thinking about planting a backyard garden? Large landowner or apartment dweller, GROW: An Exhibition to Get You Gardening is framed with ideas and advice on how you can start growing!

Sponsored by Excellus BlueCross BlueShield and Bank of Cooperstown.


A Life on the Land
Photographs from the Plowline Collection 

A Life on the Land celebrates the many people that contributed to the steadfast progress of New York State’s agrarian past and present with photographs drawn from the Plowline Collection. The images provide an intimate glimpse into our farming heritage and are a snapshot into the daily lives of farmers, their work on the land, and family life.

The Plowline Collection at The Farmers’ Museum is made possible by generous support from Nellie and Robert Gipson.