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COOPERSTOWN, N.Y.—January 27, 2014—The Fenimore Art Museum and The Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown today announced that Danielle Newell, Executive Director of Smithy Center for the Arts, will be joining the museums as the Director of Education.
Newell will direct and oversee all aspects of the museums’ educational activities, including programs, distance learning, outreach and museum interpretation.
Said Newell, "I have loved every minute of my last four years at SCA. We have done so many wonderful things within the community and I am eternally grateful to the Board and Cooperstown for embracing my ideas and giving me so much support. We accomplished something truly special and my commitment to the arts in our region remains unwavering."
Of her new position with the museums, Newell articulated great enthusiasm. "This is a thrilling opportunity. I am very excited to work with Paul D'Ambrosio and the entire staff to develop deeply compelling educational programs that have a far reaching impact." It is a bittersweet time for Newell and she is grateful to both organizations.
Paul D’Ambrosio, President and CEO of both the Fenimore Art Museum and The Farmers’ Museum, states, “Danielle’s talent in audience engagement will add a whole new dimension to the educational offerings at the museums.  We are extremely pleased to have her join our staff in such an important capacity.  It says a lot about the vibrancy of the arts community in Cooperstown that we can keep our most dynamic and gifted members by offering them new challenges right here.”
SCA Board President Henry Weil asserted, “Danielle has led SCA with originality, verve, and deep community spirit.  She has ignited the enthusiasm of local artists and viewers alike, and taken the organization in new and innovative directions, such as theater and creative writing.  While she will be a hard act to follow, she has prepared the organization to forge ahead so that it will continue to support and inspire the arts in our Central New York region.  Thank you, Danielle, and best of luck in the future!”
SCA will conduct community-based focus groups in upcoming weeks to consider future directions for the organization and simultaneously prepare a search for a new Executive Director.  It welcomes input from all interested parties.

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January 2014