Westcott Shop

Date: 1790

Origin: Schuyler Lake, Otsego County, NY

Builder: Unknown

Original owner: Theodore M. Westcott (ca. 1824-1891)

Info: The front portion of the Westcott Shop was built in a vernacular Greek Revival style and it was added to the older rear portion of the house in the 1840s. The Westcott Shop opened for business in 1850 and served as Theodore Westcott's Shoe Shop. Westcott, a former physician, made the boots and shoes he sold and also dealt in hides and pelts.

Provenance: The Farmers' Museum acquired the building from Mary and Richard Kinney, Schuyler Lake, NY in 1996.
*Richard Kinney inherited the shop from Clifford and Mable Kinney in 1974.
*Clifford and Mable Kinney bought the remaining shares of the lot from Adda Kinney Clapsaddle (Cooperstown, NY), Claude and Emma Rogers (Fine, NY), Theodore S. Kinney (Apopka, FL) and Matta Timber (Apopka, FL) for $425 in 1928.
*Ann Eliza Westcott received the shop property after her mother's death through the codicil altered will of Theodore Westcott.
*Anna Westcott received the property through her husband Theodore Westcott's will 1891.
*Theodore Westcott bought 3/4 acre from his father, John Westcott and 1/2 acre from Eli Plumb in 1854.
*John Westcott purchased 1/2 acre from Eli Plumb in 1850.
*(The Greek Revival section of the Westcott Shop is constructed and the older section was added to the new section circa 1845. The rear section of the building was constructed, possibly not on the Plumb/Westcott site in the 1790s.)

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